PRESS RELEASE 02/12/1997 - 'L'

'Fire in a dream cage' by 'L' is the latest release from independent label HUE records.

The album features 13 tracks penned by Stano & Paul Tiernan. At first glance the combination of the writing and production talents of Stano widely acknowledged for his ground breaking experimental work and Paul Tiernan noted for his beautiful lyrics and melodies may seem strange, but when 'L's unique vocal sense is added a rare fusion is created.

'L's interpretative sense is second to none, she can weave a soft and haunting melody into a heavy, almost industrial score to create a powerful and original music statement. Her vocal style is a combination of many influences. A childhood surrounded by the recordings of Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Mario Lanza made a love of singing an integral part of life. Latter day favourites range from Blue Nile,Talk Talk, Joni Mitchell, and Fatima Mansions to Gorecki the Eels and the irrepressible Henry Rollins.

Her background as a recording engineer specialising in both film sound and post production film sound design has in latter years contributed much of the cinematic / visual quality of her song interpretation.

'Fire in a dream cage' features the same team nucleus that worked on 'L's debut album 'Words mean nothing life's just wild' and is the culmination of over two years work with producer and friend Stano.

Their sound is both challenging and original, combining effortless vocals and new production methods to capture and integrate the natural warmth of acoustic instruments with the best that new technology has to offer.

Enormous care and attention has gone into the production and detail of music. Among the excellent musicians who feature on the album are Richie Buckley (Van Morrison Band), Colm O'Ciosoig (My Bloody Valentine) and Gary Sullivan (sic).

'Fire in a dream cage' is an album of enormous depth, both musically and lyrically. The more you listen the more aware you become of the subtleties of the music, there's always something new to surprise and enchant.

Check out the complete album in Real Audio on L's audio page

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