'L' is from Dublins East Wall area, close to the city centre. Born in to a 'music' family her father is a fine tenor with a willingness to start a sing song at the drop of the proverbial 'hat'. Her mother is also a singer with a 'talent' to create her very personalised medleys of the hits of the day, as a result 'L' grew up knowing four lines of every song ever recorded!!! .
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One of the major distinguishing features of avant-garde music was and still is in its approach to creativity. As John Cage had earlier shown, a fresh perspective could result in the making of completely new sounds that would be impossible through strict classical composition. No other Irish rock musician comes as near to Cage's improvisatory dictum as does Stano. A self-confessed 'non-musician', Stano has completely shunned historical achievements in any musical form, opting instead for a naive working method that formulates sound out of an organic framework.             Full info page on 'Stano'